Go Band Massage Pro - For Muscle Massage Recovery

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The Muscle massager is a cordless, state-of-the-art vibration massager to relieve sore muscles after exercise and eliminate soreness and pain from tight muscles. Now you can take a deep full body massage with you wherever you go! This massage gun is the perfect recovery tool for your muscles, just massage your muscle for a few minutes and it will reduce pain and increase muscle growth.

 Fascia Gun Deep Tissue Massager Muscle Therapy Vibrating

This type of targeted deep tissue massage can help relieve common muscle pain and stiffness, improve range of motion and circulation, and reduce the risk of injury along the way. With four interchangeable head attachments, it's also easy to customise your recovery work to each specific body region, opening up more options than a standard foam roller or other static mobility tool.


Pain relief: Immediate relief from aches, pains and stress caused by tight muscles

Improved health: Promotes improved blood flow to the muscle

Range of motion: Improves range of motion by breaking up old scar tissue

Portable: Take a deep tissue massage anywhere

Fascia Gun Deep Tissue Massager Muscle Therapy Vibrating

If you need a really deep massage, this is the product for you.
If you work in construction, nursing, sports, CrossFit, etc. or do any kind of lifting or physically demanding work, then you need this product!

If you work hard, probably have back pain and often need regular massage and most hand massagers just  get deep enough, then we recommend this massage gun for you.
It's quiet. Whisper quiet compared to other massage guns.

Has 4 massage heads. The massager can activate muscles, stimulate blood circulation, greatly reduce muscle recovery time, relieve pain.

The interchangeable massage head allows your body to enjoy multi-angle massage.