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Ab Wheel Rollout

Ab Wheel Rollout

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Core Training: Finesser ab roller acts as your personal fitness trainer - helping you to build stronger and bigger six pack abs, burn calories, build muscle and improve your overall endurance. 


Well Constructed:  Our AB wheel workout roller is made of high-quality hard plastic and steel for durability, safety, and load capacity. Not like other ab wheel surface was made of plastic, our wheel surface was made of high-density rubber, which will not damage the floor. Also, it will not make any noise when you use it. Equipped with foam handles to minimize hand fatigue while maximizing grip comfort and controlling.

how to do an ab rolloutAb rolling is an effective way to target the “deep core,” which includes the deep transverse and oblique muscles. They all contribute to good posture, stability, and both  rotation and anti rotational ability.

The key to effective training and avoiding injury is knowing the right way to roll, and to roll forward only as far as you can under control. A small movement performed well will have more benefits and fewer risks than a large movement done poorly.

Incorporate this move once or twice a week, along with other moves that engage the abs, back, hips, and pelvic floor. (Learn more about your core at How to create a strong a Core

Directionsstability ball Ab rollout gif

  • Kneel on a yoga mat or towel to support your knees, with an ab wheel in front of you.

  • Grasp the handles and balance the wheel directly under your shoulders. Make sure your wrists are straight and your back is flat. Set your gaze slightly in front of you while maintaining a neutral neck position.

  • Shift your weight forward through your hips, setting the wheel in motion. Use your hands to track the wheel straight ahead without pushing.

  • As your hips extend, allow your shoulders to open and the wheel to roll in front of you.

    • Tip: Extend your hips to shift your weight forward, and roll the wheel out.
    • Tip: Hold your chest high to avoid arching your back.

    Move forward only as far as you can under control. Hold at this end range momentarily, then reverse the movement. Use your abdominal muscles to draw the wheel back until your hips are stacked over your knees and the roller is  under our shoulders.

    • Tip: Keep your arms straight throughout the movement.
    • Tip: Brace your core and slightly tuck your pelvis to protect your lower back.

    As your skill improves, allow the wheel to track side to side instead of only straight ahead.  

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