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GO BAND PRO™ Bench Press Rally

GO BAND PRO™ Bench Press Rally

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Why buy a bench press rack for $2,000 when you can achieve the same results with the Flex Press band and bar set for the fraction of the price and from the comfort of your own home.

🔥 Iron bars and the bag is included with Go Band Pro BenchPress™

Flex Press the Best way to Build  Muscle at Home by helping you finish most exercises you want without going to the gym, perfect for full-body exercises such as squat, curl, bench press, arms training, seated rows, and more. Your perfect home fitness equipment.

The most effective exercises for building muscle💪🏼
✅Accelerates fat burning🔥
✅Save on your fitness subscription💰
✅Maintains your level on the bench press & squats
✅ Allows you to practice the bench press at home

Every day you can condition a different part of your body with only one piece of equipment! 9 different accessories could combine into different combos to tone and shape. Work your arm, legs, and butt with Flex Press, achieve perfect chest training, stimulate your core, and burn your leg muscle!

Speed up your strength: Make the best use out of your time exercising, resistance training is the fastest way to a strong body!

Bring the gym home: Exercise each of your muscle groups with just one band without having to leave your home!

Push your limits: Start building muscle from scratch or your perfect physique, FlexPress will push your limits to whatever your level is! 

REFORM DESIGN: Flex Press is super light, small, portable, and easy to pack up for travel. It will be convenient for you to have efficient exercises anywhere.

Other Key Benefits:
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Save money spent on a gym membership.
  • Save time spent commuting to the gym and waiting for your turn to use the equipment 
  • Stop worrying about the need to wipe off sweat after using the equipment

Selecting the Right Bar & Band Set:
There are 4 different resistance levels to choose from 

Starter Mode: Best suitable for beginners who are just starting out.  Available resistance levels are 12kg/24kg/36kg (26lb/52lb/80lb)

Intermediate Mode: 
Best suitable for people who are already exposed to resistance training. Available resistance levels are 16kg/32kg/48kg (35lb/170lb/105lb)

Advanced Mode: 
Best suitable for people who have already developed a high level of strength through prior training. Available resistance levels are 23kg/46/kg/69kg (51lb/102lb/153lb)

Expert Mode: 
Best suitable for people who have already developed an expert level of strength through prior training. Available resistance levels are 30kg/60kg/90kg (66lb/132lb/200lb)

How to Use:

Materials & Specifications:

Questions & Answers:

Is there a warranty for any of the equipment?
Yes, you could contact us via email if there is a product issue.

What are the weight increments? If I bought the 200lb set and took off one band or two, what would the weights be at?
If you reduce one band on each side, the resistance will reduce to 132 lbs(2/3 of 200)

If I purchase the 153lbs, what’s the lowest weight I can set it at so my wife can use it? She is not a heavy lifter at all. 
You can reduce it to 50 lbs (1/3 of 150) by removing 2 bands on each side

Don't you lose resistance on your way down? How do you get around slack?
Depends on the number of bands you are using. With one band, yes, but with all 3 you will feel it all the way down.

Is there a way to anchor to a wall hook instead of a door?
Yes, it has carabiners.
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